★Afire Clothing
品牌 創立於2010年, 深受 90’S美式文化影響, 
融入滑板. 音樂. 塗鴉. 球鞋. 街舞. 派對 等街頭元素
以Life Style 為原創發想, 透過圖文影像 
文化需要傳承, 思想需要創新
We Are The Future!!

Afire Brand was established in 2010, 
We were influenced by 90’s American Culture which combines different street elements,
such as Skateboard, Music, Graffiti, Sneaker, Hip-Hop and Party,

Life Style is our inspiration and express our ideas and attitude throw images,
We aim to deliver our culture to future next generations.
Our ideas need to be creative
We Are The Future!!